Discover their multiple therapeutic benefits!

Sonntag, 15 Februar, 2015
If you visit the Market Oasis Park Fuerteventura you can find many varieties of honey, at first sight as a visitors  we never know which honey choose to prove or which may be is the most suitable for us and often we do not know that they have infinite properties.
Each variety of honey has its own properties and is used for different purposes. Traditionally honey has been used as a therapeutic remedy for its multiple properties. Many persons believe that its presents the medicinal properties of plants where it originated, in fact, have been found pharmacologically active substances in the most of types of honey.
We will show some of the varieties of honey that you can find in the market and their benefits for our body:
Honey of Orange blossom: It is recommended for nervous people or those who are going through moments of insomnia or anxiety.
Eucalyptus Honey: This is a great disinfectant of the urinary tract.
Honey of Acacia: Its restorative properties makes it work as an anti-inflammatory for the throat.
Chestnut Honey: Of this honey we highlight its stimulatory effect on blood circulation.
Every week there are more varieties that we see in the various market stalls, we encourage you to visit us, and that you obtain advice by experts in the art merchants.
Bring home honey that suits you best!.