The Market

The Agro-Artisan Market Oasis Park Fuerteventura is an event whose meetings on Sunday combines the tradition of majorera's food and crafts made from raw materials from the island. Located in the zoo park, it is placed in a free access area so it is frequented by local and international visitors, who look for commercial, cultural and leisure activities.

Just when Agro-Artisan Market Oasis Park's fourth anniversary  is about to be celebrated , it is offered a new opportunity to acquire high quality organic products (oil, local cheese, handmade pastries, vegetables, honey, fruit, legumes) and a  growing range of crafts products (painting, photography, textiles, jewelry, furniture, lighting, souvenirs, natural cosmetics ..). They offer a wide item’s variety who makes worth the trip to the south of the island, without abandoning the traditional market-oriented, focused only in the basic purchase.

Knowing this reality, since 2009, Oasis Park management has given its spaces to this sector, confirming its support to all the actions made to promote primary sector as a touristic source. Since then, all farmers and artisans who ask for it, can have a showing stand (tables and material), lightning, advertisements and a band which entertains the Market, all of it for free. This opportunity means a very important supporting point in their products’ selling and maintains alive their economic activity, as well as its survival and people working on this sector.

Agro-Artisan Market is held every Sunday of the year, becoming a tourist attraction, as well as leisure for residents, which influences on the image of the island and gives extra value to the offer, and makes you able to acquire first-hand items without intermediaries.

An offer linked to quality, freshness and seasonality of food, answering to a recent interest in majorera’s gastronomy, which has turned it into a true reference. Agro-Artisan Market aims to become a center of support for the primary sector, where the main character is the product, and where all farmers and artisans who work in the island have an active presence. It´s a meeting point, directed to residents, tourists, fresh products’ lover, to people looking for ecological, healthy and natural items. A place where, in addition to making and excellent purchase, you can enjoy traditional music, taste what you are going to take home or just walk and have fun in a different Sunday.