Cookies Policy

What is “Cookies”?

A cookie is a file that will be downloaded into your computer, Smartphone, Tablet or Television when using certain web pages. By using cookies, a web page can among other things, save and retrieve information about the users browsing habits. Depending on the information, they contain and the way the user uses their system. They can be used to recognize the user.

From a technical point of view, cookies allow web pages to work faster and use adapted to users preferences,, like saving language preferences, e-mail… Furthermore, thank to the statistical information saved in them, websites are able to improve the services they offer. Finally, they are also used to offer a more efficient advertising system, thanks to which we can offer some extra free services.

Browsing this site implies that the following kinds of cookies can be installed:

Performance improvement cookies​

This kind of cookies saves you preferences for certain tolls or services this way, they do not need to be reconfigured each time you visit our site. In some cases, they can be sent to other web sites. In the case of electronic sale, cookies allow you to save information about your cart.

Statistical Analysis Cookies

Used by us by other sites, these cookies allow us count the number of visitors as well as doing a statistical analysis of which services our visitors use. Thanks to this, we can study how users browse our web page, this being able to improve the services and products we offer.

Location finding cookies

These cookies are used by applications trying to geographically locate your computer, Smartphone, Tablet or Television. In a completely anonymous way, you will be offered contents and services more suitable for your preferences.

Registration cookies

When you first register in our website, some cookies are generated in order to identity you as a registered user which also inform about the times you have logged in the site. These cookies are used to identify your user account and the services associated to it. These cookies will be active as long as you do not log out, close the navigator or turn off the device.

These cookies can be combined with analytical data in order to identify individually your preferences in our site.

Advertising cookies

Used by us or by other sites, these cookies allow us to easily manage advertising spaces in our website, adjusting the advertised content to the requested service or to the way uses browse our web page. Thank to this, we are able to know your internet browsing habits and can show you advertising related to your browsing profile.

Cookies from other websites

Some of our web pages allow cookies from other websites to be installed, in order to manage and improve the services they offer. An example, of this use are the links to social media which allow us to share our contents.

Important: By using cookies we do not keep any kind of personal information of our users, like their address, password or credit card information. We do not use cookies to send advertisements to our users by checking their browsing habits either.

How to accept or decline the use of cookies?

Some cookies must be installed in your computer in order to sure the proper functioning of our website, not being able the user to uninstall them. We would like to remind you that you can configure your navigator anytime in order to avoid the use of cookies or to receive a warning when these are generated:

Internet Explorer (

Firefox (

Google Chrome (

Opera (

Safari (

Safari for iPad and iPhone (


If you want to know more about erasing cookies, you can check the Help Section of your navigator. You can also find out more at the website of the Agencia Española de Protección de Datos (Spanish Agency of Data Protection), recommendations for a safe navigation.