On the day of the fascination for plants, Aloe is the protagonist

Monday, 18 May, 2015
We've all heard talk about Aloe Vera. Constantly bombard us information about the medicinal properties of this plant. Undoubtedly the Aloe Vera is one of the most widely plant used for all kinds of home remedies and always successfully.
In the Agro-Craft Market, on a day as beautiful as the day fascination for plants, we want to dedicate this space to Aloe Vera. We are so passionate about all plants that we use them for everything!
The best way to start is certainly knowing some details about the biology of the plant. It’s a perennial plant and belongs to the lily family. There are over 200 different species of Aloe, which can reach 60 cm high and its leaves are called succulents because they have the ability to retain water inside for a long time. This makes them true survivors in arid, dry climates of Africa, instead of which they are native. So here, in Fuerteventura, they found an ideal habitat for proliferation.
For cultivation at home doesn’t require excessive care. A planter pretty deep with bottom drain, garden soil and peat in equal parts, sunlight and water about twice a week, will ensure your success. When you’ll realize you’ll see hovering around the twigs plant that we call children. You must remove them to not compete for nutrients, and if you transplant them into another pot soon will have another Aloe as large as the original.
But surely your question is: when can I start using Aloe as a remedy? However, experts recommend not to use the branches that are pruned until the plant has not carried out its first flowering. Approximately with three years of life, the plant will cast his first flower of a striking yellow colour. From that moment, you will be ready to take advantage of all its properties.
And what are these properties? You can find references of all kinds. The truth is that today the Aloe Vera is used to moisturize skin and hair, and even to drink it. But let's focus on some properties that we consider of special interest.
Its topical use is perhaps the most popular. There are all sorts of creams and ointments of Aloe Vera as a result of its cooling effect on the skin. For sunburn it’s absolutely miraculous to hydrate the tissue and eliminate the feeling of heat. In addition, its antiseptic properties make it useful for wound healing, because breaks down damaged tissue and promotes blood circulation for regeneration. It certainly is an incredible healing.
But not everything is here. Today is also discovered its anti-inflammatory and nourishing property for those suffering from gastritis. With any doubt, an Aloe Vera infusion or soft drink helps your intestinal tract, and also is a powerful relaxing.
To remove wrinkles or dandruff, relieve itching, avoid allergies, alleviate the symptoms of asthma, lower the tension ... There are hundreds of home remedies that are made on the basis of Aloe Vera. If you dare to put into practice some of them, it’s always best to consult a specialist who will advise you about what is the appropriate remedy to your needs.
In our Agro-Craft Market we provide our customers all kinds of products from Aloe Vera: creams, soaps, drinks ... You can’t miss the chance to spend Sunday here and choose the product you like best!