Here smells Organic!

Sunday, 10 May, 2015
It's often difficult to find in the usual supermarket BIO or ECO products of organic origin. Most consumers think that to acquire these products must visit specialized shops as herbalists or agricultural cooperatives.
Park the shopping cart and go with your basket to our Agro-Craft Market that every Sunday opens in La Lajita. Here you will find all kinds of products of organic origin, from fruits, vegetables and dairy products, to pastries and juices, jams and not forgetting all kinds of sweets for the sweet tooth. With any doubt, the ecological aroma permeates every corner.
Currently, the range of products offered in this market is so broad that is sufficient to meet our daily needs, and at the same time, with a truly affordable price.
We tend to think that ecological food is more expensive, but we invite you to make you the following question: That little increase in price, makes us gain in health and wellness?
The answer is obvious. Organic origin products are good for you and for the environment, because they avoid the use of artificial production, such as synthetic fertilizers or pesticides that may remain in food in traces and reach our tables but we can't do anything to stop it.
On the other hand, our farmers guarantee the quality and naturalness of the products that they offer, ensuring they are made without flavorings, sweeteners or artificial colors, respecting the flavor of the original product. Furthermore you will get to test all products.
You will see that your pocket will not suffer as much as you think, and you and your whole family will gain in health and wellness! We encourage you to visit our Agro-craft market every Sunday in La Lajita, where not only will fill your fridge! You will also have the opportunity to see the wonders that our craftsmen create with their own hands.