Say yes to parabens and alcohol!

Monday, 25 May, 2015
We do not stop to speak of the term "organic". And it is that consumers expands at breakneck speed! Many believe that this is a simple fashion for the rich. But for others, it's a way of life more consciously with our environment.
What makes it special to organic products is not only its composition or its price: it is their quality. A small increase in the cost prevents the production of these products and their residues, damaging not only to us as consumers, but also the environment in which we live. Flora, fauna, rivers, oceans and soils appreciate this gesture!
Fashion, food and tourism are sectors which have been affected by this sustainable trend. But without doubt, the boom takes it personal hygiene! Cosmetics everything from moisturizers and makeup, so even laundry detergent or home, it is common to find in our stores.
In the Craft Market Agro-products only we have organic origin!
There are several places where you'll find natural soaps, which not only will surprise you with its variety of aromas. Being made from organic components are much more careful with your skin and the environment!
Commercial soaps hide behind their exotic smells, components that can even be carcinogenic. Parabens, alcohols, dyes, fragrances ... Besides being able to be carcinogenic, often paradoxically leave your skin and dry hair. Why paradoxically? Because at first notice excessive softness, soon to be replaced by a feeling of dryness, irritation and even sting.
The smallest of the house are often the most exposed to this type of reactions. So taking care of your skin should be more careful and can not use any product. And where nature is ...!
Most commercial personal care products, to be used by humans, must first be tested in laboratory animals. The procedure involves subjecting animals to exposure of a given dose of the product, with the aim of studying the possible side effects they have on the skin and mucous membranes. And if we are sure it's something you do not want to contribute and be partakers of these techniques.
Luckily awareness and creativity of our craftsmen has no limits, and based on used oil soaps made in different forms (liquid, tablets ...), which can serve both to wash your hands, to take care of your hair or your favorite clothes .
Be surprised by natural soaps. Say NO to parabens and alcohols on your skin and the environment! With this small gesture, we managed to reduce the ecological footprint we leave to our world.