Discover the secrets of Agro-Craft Market every Sunday

Wednesday, 22 April, 2015
Art, gastronomy, nature, tradition... The “majorera” culture breathes through our artisans and farmers, people able to surprise you with a picture of the heart of the island, an unusual object in the fashion shops try a delicious taste. They, our geniuses, invite you every Sunday in the Agro-Craft Market, which has nothing to envy of other emerging. Here, the exhibitors have free rein to show the world their creations without fearing to pay a large amount of money. Since 2009, Oasis Park Fuerteventura makes visible the work of our artisans and farmers for free. Without intermediaries, our visitors can know the product and result of the hand of the producers, and contribute to self-sufficiency acquiring unique and exclusive works or organic products of high quality.
Irresistible. The rest day disappears becoming a festival of colors; the different scents and beauty of the place conquers the laziest. As if it were a movie, artists and visitors converse and enjoy in a setting that doesn’t compete with the aim of the place: sustainability. A true wonder for those who come every Sunday at an autochthonous meeting where music encourages the party in Oasis Park Fuerteventura; local and secure. In the exhibition area, each stall has the health measures, necessary to perform this important task. Thus, our visitors and consumers have available products first hand that can taste with the highest food safety.
This appointment to shows you the beauty and talent of Fuerteventura. "You can love Fuerteventura or quite the opposite, you can hate it," once told me. They may be right. Not everyone is able to appreciate the beauty from the first moment. Residents feel something similar. We love the weather without appreciating the rain; fell in love with the land without appreciating its fruits. Not easy to do in a world that destroys everything beautiful.
The appointment of this Sunday rescues and supports the surviving people; people who claim their place in the world through the Agro-Craft Market and social nets where you can find detailed information about each artist and product.