Try the "Tunos" typical Canarian

Sunday, 6 September, 2015


Don't you know what the "tunos" are? These delicious delicacies from Canary Islands are somewhat traditional for the season. Come to our Agro-Craft Market not only to know them... also to try them!

The rascal is known in many places of Spain as "prickly pear" and is the result of Opuntio ficus-indica, a native large cactus of Mexico, whose branches are similar to tennis rackets or paddles beach. They sound familiar to you? It's known as prickly pear or tunera.

The fruit itself is very unattractive... When you harvest it, is completely covered with thorns! It's important to be very careful when it comes to pick them up, because if you hurt of his quills, will be itching for hours! One trick to catch the plant is put some thick welding gloves and have about a box where dropping them.

But inside the fruit, bark underneath that rugged green-maroon covered with thorns, the real treat is the rascal hides. You'll find several stalls in our market who will offer you to try!

Red-orange intense and with some pretty large nuggets color, the rascal can eat natural, stewed and even juices or smoothies. All varieties are available possible! But regardless of the format you choose, the sweet taste you'll love and its infinite properties too, as did you know that the rascal is an important laxative and purgative?

Having known best to approach the rascal... Come to our Agro-Craft Market and take your share of rogues! Our farmers will explain to you the best way to peel them.