Leocadio’s stand offers a variety of possibilities and gastronomic flavors, from vegetables and fruits grown in the town of Tiscamanita (banana, papaya and tomato primarily) to Padrón peppers, cabbage, beets or pumpkins. 

During the season, his best products are: lemon, orange, grapefruit, guava and loquat, from the town of Antigua. 

Of all of this, the most characteristic products of Leocadio are your juices fresh rascal. An item that provides packaging and accompanied by a leaflet explaining its myriad beneficial properties. He also recommends for production of olives and pomegranates, if the crops and season permit it.

As a souvenir he produces handmade all types of mojos, ali & oli and exotic jams: papaya & orange, tuno & guayaba, tuno & banana, tomatoe and strawberry


Leocadio Arallo