Virgin Olive Oil from Fuerteventura

Francisco Rodríguez is a consolidated farmer. Since he acquired Taralejo’s land, where he lives and works, he started his way in agriculture’s business. Both he and his family have been able to print their special character to the activity to expand the edges of that little farm and turn it into a huge mosaic of crop and land use. In the farm you can find all kinds of vegetables, in addition to vines and olive trees.

The great conditions of the area, and the meticulous care, make their crops grow really generous, presenting us a delicate olive and superb quality. Francisco has managed to combine the quiet enjoyment of the countryside with the new techniques of farm management and to produce the first extra virgin olive oil with majorero origin.

The project has continued with the launch of an own olive mill which annually produces this product that today is already part of hundreds of tastings and competitions nationwide.

Francisco Rodríguez Santana